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Download Neku nenu Naku nuvvu Mp3 Songs 

Cast: Uday Kiran, Shreya
Direction : Rajashekar
Music : R P Patnaik
Year : 2003

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Telugu Bhasa

Premakanna Goppadi 

Pellaade Teeralannaaru

Nenu Neekevarani

Na Chirunama

Gummarey Muddu

Goal Goal Goal

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    Sreeram Telugu Movie Audio Songs Download

Album : Uday Kiran – Sreeram (2002)
Cast : Uday Kiran, Anitha
Music : RP Patnaik
Director : VN Aditya
Producer : Burugapally Siva Rama Krishna
Lyricist : Kulasekhar, Chandrabose, Sirivennela

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1. Bulli Bulli – RP. Patnaik, Usha
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2. Chinna Chiru Navvuthoti – SPB. Charan, Usha
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3. Mamare Mazaare – RP. Patnaik, Kousalya
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4. Monalisa - SPB. Charan
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5. Pedavullo Pepsi Cola – RP. Patnaik
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6. Tiyateeyani Kalalanu – Bombay Jayashree
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                          Holi Telugu Movie Audio Songs Download

Album : Uday Kiran – Holi (2002)
Cast : Uday Kiran, Richa
Direction : S.V.N. Vara Prasad
Music : R.P. Patnaik
Lyricist : Hari Ramajogaya, P. Sriram, Veturi

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1. Aadapillalu – Kay Kay, Kavitha Krishnamurthy
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2. Chinthamani – RP. Patnaik, Sunil
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3. O Cheliya – Kay Kay, Sadhana Sargam
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4. Nee Manasu – RP. Patnaik, Sadhana Sargam
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5. Chamaku Chamak – Sunitha Rao
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6. Priyathama – Kay Kay
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7. Life Is Beautiful – Uday Kiran, Anoop Rubens
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8. Ounani – RP. Patnaik
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kalusukovalani Telugu Movie Audio Songs Download

Album : Uday Kiran – kalusukovalani (2002)
Cast : Uday Kiran,Pratyusha, Gajala
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Direction : Raghu Raj

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1. Akasam – Devi Sri Prasad
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2. Chelia Chelia –
Devi Sri Prasad, Kalpana
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3. Oke Oka Kshanam –
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4. Pade Pade –
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5. Priya Priya –
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6. Shakeela –
Devan, Mathangi
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7. Tala Talamani –
SPB. Charan, Harini
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8. Uday China –
Devi Sri Prasad
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Gunde Jhallumandi (2008)
MM. Keeravani
Uday Kiran, Aditi Sharma


I Have A Boy Friend (04:44)
Artist(s): Nikitha Nigam
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

Gunde Jhallumandi (04:55)
Artist(s): Deepu, Ganga, Malavika, Chandrateja
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

True Love (04:58)
Artist(s): MM. Keeravani, Usha, Bhargavi Pillai
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

Pavada Kastha (02:49)
Artist(s): Jai Srinivas, Madhuri
Lyricist: K. Sivadatta
Idhi Adhe (06:17)
Artist(s): Krishna Chaitanya, Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

Telusa Manasa (04:58)
Artist(s): Krishna Chaitanya, Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad

Nee Nuduti (01:24)
Artist(s): Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist: K. Sivadatta

Ila Endukouthondi (04:34)
Artist(s): MM. Keeravani, Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist: Chaitanya Prasad
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       Nuvvu Nenu Telugu Movie Audio Songs Download 

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1. Priyatama – SPB. Charan, Usha
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2. Nee Kosame –
Kay Kay
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3. Nuvvu Nenu –
RP. Patnaik, Usha
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4. Nuvve Nakku Pranam –
Kay Kay, Usha
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5. Gajavaka Pilla –
RP. Patnaik
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6. Naa Gundelo –
Sandeep, Usha
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7. Gunnamaami -
Mallikarjun, Usha
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8. Priyatama –
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9. Ayyayyo –
Ravi Varma, Usha
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Udaykiran Interviews

                              Interviews With Udaykiran From His Movies 

Telugu version

Interview with Uday Kiran
Date: September 29, 2008, Hyderabad
uday kiran
Tell us about the box office result of Gunde Jhallumandi?   The movie provided me a strong platform for my further advancement in the industry. The movie is like a Manasantha Nuvve and Nuvvu Nenu to me. The movie generated immense public response. Its songs also become chartbusters. Directly or indirectly, a number of my well-wishers and fans and general audience who look at me as their own family members are enjoying the film.  
What about Ekaloveyudu? What’s the specialty in it for audiences?   KRK told me the subject three years ago. When I wanted to do this project, I met Medikonda Murali Krishna. On hearing the subject, he immediately liked it. There are many kinds of movies – General, commercial, love, story-based, creating new trend each time. Ekaloveyudu is a sort of film with a story on the lines of the 1980s, but with big modern treatment. This is the point of our film. We took special care about the music, which already became a hit. I heard the subject not as an actor but from the audience point of view. With all my experience all these years, I hope I earned some amount of judgment about the story. I earnestly feel it will not fail.   
Why should audience watch Ekaloveyudu?   Audiences do watch all kinds of films. If they like, they spread it to their circles. I strongly believe that only mouth publicity plays a major role in the movie success or failure. No one in the film industry could exactly predict the success of failure of a film. Just they can say just like that, because everybody hopes for the best. As of Ekaloveyudu, I hope we touched the tastes of the audience. The film’s hit depends on how best we went nearer to them. With Gunde Jhallumandi becoming a success, already people are expecting something from Ekaloveyudu.   
What’s your characterization in the film?   I play a normal guy in the film, a passed graduate. Just like all my films, I have not given any buildup as hero. I always did the roles nearer to real life. Say, brother, son, lover. In this film, there will be extra responsibility on me compared to all my previous films.  
How do you justify the title Ekaloveyudu to the film?   It is one hundred percent apt. In Mahabharath, the character of Ekalavya is known for his devotion towards his guru. He kept his word for the guru. He cut his thumb and presented it as dhanam. Here, the hero too holds his promise. He is committed to deliver his word. Highlight is that he can go to any extent to fulfill his commitment. The title is suggestive of both action and love.
Your director said the film is about the hero “living for his love”? Any message to those who get ready for suicide, failing in love?   We generally don’t intend any message to such segment. But the film will be a big inspiration to them. Failing in love, some people commit suicide as they think they achieved nothing while living. Now, I ask them. By committing suicide, what will they be achieving?   
Tell us about the love aspect in this film?   There are different kinds of love stories. Ekaloveyudu is the one with lot of depth in love, with great emotion in the feel. There is intensity in this subject. When the hero goes to any extent to achieve his love, you can imagine the emotion involved. I wanted to live in love. 
What about the music?   Our music director Anil Krishna scored excellent beats for the film. It is very difficult to get noticed at the very first venture. But, people are talking about the music of Ekaloveyudu. Yes. This is real. As a music director, he passed out successfully. Now, it’s our turn on the screen. We kept in mind both the mass and class elements in music. We achieved it.   
Tell us about cinematography?    Luckily, all the cameramen with whom I had worked so far showed me handsome. Even the surroundings are superb. Particularly, we shot the major portion of the film in Ooty. Definitely, we will be giving the audience the best cinematography. Our audiences today care much for this technical aspect also. Ramesh Krishna (cinematographer) did show a distinct flavor, the advancement of the journey (the movie will be enjoyed like a journey), and a particular pattern all through. From lighting to locations, he took extreme care. This will surely enhance our success range.   
How about your producer?   Most of us are new comers. New director KRK, new music director Anil Krishna, new photographer Ramesh Krishna. New heroine Kriti Ahuja. This way, everything will be fresh. For achieving this, we need strong support. We found him in Medikonda Muralikrishna garu. Today, producers don’t readily support the new comers. It is almost very difficult to find such people. When you do a film with a technician, definitely you look at his track record. Interestingly, Medikonda garu introduced his son Amarchand as producer for Ekaloveyudu. Above, all we trusted in him; and he trusted us equally.    
Do you think KRK brought justice to the film?    See, most times there will be a lot of difference between story heard and story presented on the screen. But, KRK told me the story three years ago. Even now, he holds the freshness. I see exactly the same feel what I felt three years ago. Generally, KRK is a silent man, but he wields great ideas. He is a passionate director.  
You saw several debut directors for your films? Whom you think is the best?    All the directors, to that matters technicians and artistes, do put their maximum effort in their first film. They work with zeal, a sense of unknown expansion into creativity. Moreover, the debut director does feel the responsibility more than the seasoned directors. This way, I consider all of them nice, irrespective of the movie’s report.   
Do you think a sequel to your film Manasantha Nuvve will click?    I personally feel that sequels do make good only for thrillers and action films. Manasantha Nuvve is like Maro Charitra. You can’t take a sequel to Maro Charitra, but you can remake it. Same is the case with Manasantha Nuvve, I feel.   
Your dialogue… Ee Peddavallu Unnaru choodandi… turned into your brand of dialogue delivery. Are there any such memorable dialogues in this film?    Yes. I also hear that this particular dialogue is used when people think of me. They are unique in one’s career. I hope in Ekaloveyudu too, there will be such dialogues. It is for the people to catch such things. When we deliver the words, we do it casually. But, sometimes luck prevails on them; bring a typical style for its hero.  
Tell us about your heroine?   Kriti Ahuja. If you observe all my films, my heroine is not a dummy. She holds more or less equal footage on a par with the hero. She becomes a strong point in the story. Here, this girl also enjoyed such privilege.  
Are you ready to do guest roles?   Definitely. Some directors also asked me for such roles. And I too gladly accepted. But, somehow, it didn’t happen in any film. But, I would be really happy if such roles could be on the lines a Jagapati Babu in Anthapuram and Karthik in Mouna Ragam.
     Finding his film Gunde Jhallumandi as a “strong platform” for his further advancement in Tollywood, hero Uday Kiran gets ready for his immediate next – Ekaloveyudu, set to release this Vijayadasami. The movie, projecting several new comers in the departments of direction, music, cinematography, comes from the banner of senior producer Medikonda Murali Krishna, who delivered an all time blockbuster Narasimha Naidu. “The film directly or indirectly will be an inspiration to those who entertain suicidal thoughts when they fail in love. They will find that by resorting to extreme step, they will not achieve anything. I live for love in this film,” says Uday Kiran.
Uday Kiran all set for a comeback- Interview
Sunday, 26 June 2011
Looking better than ever and putting his bad days behind him, Uday Kiran is back. And this time, he has an all new plan for his career.

Once Tollywood's favorite lover boy with back-to-back blockbusters like " Chitram", " Nuvvu Nenu" and "Manasantha Nuvve" putting him on the top, the actor struggled through a tough phase for a long time after a series of box office debacles and personal issues. But that's history now, says the actor who is all set for a comeback.

"All this time I reassessed myself and thought about my life with a positive mind. All those bad days are gone and now I am back with a fresh perspective," he declares.

He admits that he has suffered a lot, but with age on his side, he has bounced back. "It's very hard to start afresh after such a long gap, but everyone goes through these phases. There is a lot of small talk about me doing the rounds these days, but I don't let it get to my head. Actually I'm embracing the situation with a positive mind," says Uday Kiran, who adds, "I am not a kind of person now who broods over the failures and negatives. I know I have a bright future and I'm just waiting for the right time," he adds.

Uday Kiran is now geared up for his comeback on the screen with "Dil Kabaddi", to be directed by a debutant. "This is the film I am looking at now. This is an out-an-out entertainer with all the elements in it — it's a performance-oriented romcom."

Quiz him if he is worried about all the fresh competition who have risen to the top, while he was missing in action and he says, "Yes, many young actors are being launched and there is stiff competition in the field. I know I have to work very hard to face this challenge. But I have wizened up and I'm ready to face all these challenges."

Talking about how things were when he made an entry into Tollywood, Uday Kiran says, "I did my first film when I was in the final year of my graduation. At that time I was still a kid and I couldn't read the industry very well. Because of that I made a few mistakes, but I don't regret anything, I've learnt from it all."

The actor even tried to venture into the Tamil film industry with the film, "Poi", but things didn't work out with the movie bombing at the box office. "But I have great memories of working with K Balachander. Irrespective of the film's success, I always remember those days. I learned many things from him," says Uday Kiran, who wants to "concentrate on this Telugu film" right now.

The actor worked hard on getting back in shape too for this flick. "I am not a fitness freak, but I do my regular exercises. I wanted to come back with a new look. When you have full control over your body and mind, you're good to go," he says.

The actor who is celebrating his new body, mind and outlook, says marriage can wait for now. "I want to secure my future now by doing some good cinema," says Uday who is celebrating his birthday today with the launch of his film.

I developed a sense of positive attitude - Uday Kiran
  August 26, 2011

         Lover boy Uday Kiran is going to turn 31 on June 26th. “I’m very happy now and I developed a sense of positive attitude. I’m going to announce a new film on my birthday”, he said. On thisexcerpts are: occasion he held a press meet and interacted with the media.
About his new film ‘Dil Kabaddi’: “My latest film ‘Dil Kabaddi’ is the romantic adventure. The theme of the film is one should not take love as a game. This is a complete entertainer which will be directed by a new director Sri, who earlier worked under director Samudra. Many notable stars will also be part of this film. Sunil Kashyap is providing the music.”

About his film career he said, “I did all good films right from ‘Chitram’ to ‘Gunde Jhallumandi’ but some could not achieve the results. I experienced good and bad in life. I knew a bit of action when I entered the film industry. Right from Teja’s ‘Chitram’ I learnt a lot from each film. I took every film as a challenge and did it. I earned the image of a good looking boy. But unfortunately due to lack of hits in recent past, I got into certain controversy also. It was only during that time I lacked self-confidence and I had no one to support me. Hence it took some time for me come out of that trauma. I wish I had someone to support me in selection of scripts and my daily routine. Now with a strong mind and maturity, I have taken a call not to think of the past and decided to ‘Be Positive’. These changes have occurred in me gradually. I learnt to be careful in every small thing in my 11 years of experience. I learnt to respect everyone. I used to okay a film by listening to a story for half-an-hour. But later would understand the result of it only after the film’s release. I understood the difference between story narration and direction. When my friends used to ask me why I chose to do the film, I would answer the story appeared interesting while listening to it. However, I only feel that no one can change the fate. Success or failure is not in our hands. Raj Kapoor said, “It’s not just the hard work but fate also played vital role for what I am.” These words have inspired me a lot. So I believe if there is hard work, luck will come knocking your doors. Hence one should do a lot of hard work with self-discipline. In this long gap I studied the career graphs of many other film stars. They used to wait for that ‘One Chance’ which is called ‘Luck’.”

Speaking about his character in the film, “I wish to do a bad boy character in a film. I already did one in ‘Sreeram’. I’m a very shy person, hence I choose to be alone. But people think that I’ve lot of head weight which I was not aware of.”

He concluded the chat saying,Allari Naresh and Sarwanand"are my friends among the heroes. I’m open for multi-starrer films provided good scripts are available. Some sense of deep satisfaction and energy flows in me whenever people come and share with me about their personal experiences referring to the incidences in ‘Mansanta Nuvve’. Some even say that they got married something similar to what was shown in the movie.”

Uday Kiran Interview

Uday Kiran is once again busy as hero after a gap of two years. On this occasion he spoke to the media. Excerpts from the chitchat:

Q: It has been two years that you did a Telugu film. Why such a big gap?
A: Yes… It was almost two years since Avunanna Kaadanna released. There is a huge gap. I don’t want to delve into the reasons for the gap but it has helped me a lot. I have learnt many things.
Q: What are they?
A: I felt that my last films were nothing but repetitive of what I have been doing there was monotony in them. And I never used to know the politics behind me. Today I am more careful. I don’t say I didn’t make mistakes myself but I was very young at that time. I didn’t have guidance and proper support.

Q: How did Viyyalavari Kayyalu materialize?
A: Many films came to me during these two years but as I said I wanted a film that puts me out of the regular romantic hero image. A film that can reach to the all kind of audiences. At that time, producer Lagadapti Sridhar came with this project and he made me listen to some scripts but I liked this Sattibabu’s script. Viyyalavari Kayyalu is a complete entertainer. A lovely story.
I play a hair stylist in the movie. We have shown what is the difference between an hair stylist and a barber in comic way. Srihari is my uncle in the film. Shayaji Shinde has acted as my father. Both of them played pivotal roles. The best thing about the film is not focuses entirely on me. Gives scope to other characters too.

Q: How was it working with Srihari?
A: It is very pleasant experience. He is very reserved person but he is gentleman. In fact, in some scenes he has helped me to perform well and he gave more scope to me.

Q: How is your experience in Tamil films?
A: It’s good. I am doing another Tamil film right now. I cherish the experience of working with a legend like Balachander in Tamil. When Balachander selected me as the hero for "Poi", it was a big surprise to me. I shall be eternally grateful to him. I am not bothered about the outcome of the film. I started learning Tamil and hope to dub my voice myself.
Q: How do you feel about love and marriage now?
A:I think I don’t know much about love. I used to give big statements. That was because of lack of maturity. I feel it needs much research to do a comment on it. Regarding marriage, it will happen after a three, four years when I grow in my career.

Q: Future films?
A: There are two more movies under discussion stage. I am doing a Tamil film that is under progress along with “Viyyalavari Kayyalu”.

Q: What is your ambition?
A: My aim is to be known by the audiences for years and decades. I came to the industry like to be recognized like my peers – Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh. When I was kid, I used to watch Chiranjeevi movies. He was big star when I was studying and even now he is the top. I want that kind of a span as hero to be remembered for generations.

UdayKiran Interview With Chitramala

I want to grow with audience, says Uday Kiran

Uday Kiran, whose fortunes as the Lover Boy of the New Millennium in Tollywood got reversed, frankly admits that he lacked the judgment and experience when he was neck-deep in stardom. When everybody thought it was a blackout for Uday Kiran, he sneaked into the industry through his semi-God Father Teja (in the movie Avunanna Kadanna) but was forgotten soon. Making his debut in Kollywood with "Poi" (its Telugu version as Abaddam), he says he had understood the cunning of the film industry. "I have learnt to give importance to quality rather than the number game. I too have a dream. I am happy that I passed through the ups and downs at a very young age. Can't I withstand the same now?" he says with beaming eyes. He sounded mature in his outlook and looked much more handsome. 
Uday Kiran's birthday is on June 26 th. Excerpts from the chitchat:

Chitramala : Nice to see you back in Tollywood. Why such a big gap?

Uday Kiran : (Laughs). Yes… A big gap. You know it would be difficult for me to explain the reasons. Anyway, this gap has helped me a lot. After probation, we have a posting. It is like probation for the best career. I am thankful to my fans. I can better say my audience, for all their support and love for me all these days.

Chitramala : How is your experience in Kollywood?

Uday Kiran : Excellent. A great director like Balachander gave me the best support. When Balachander selected me as the hero for "Poi", it was a big surprise to me. I shall be eternally grateful to him. I am not bothered about the outcome of the film. But, several people congratulated me. I never expected such pleasant greetings. I started learning Tamil and hope to dub my voice myself.

Chitramala : Didn't you feel insecure during this tough period?

Uday Kiran : Yes. I felt it. It is very common in the life of anybody. At the age of 20, the audience attached stardom to me. Now, I am not a man of success. I have to maintain a low profile, because there is very little or nothing to say about me now. But, I feel happy always. I was lucky that I entered the industry as a hero. Had I started as a struggler, success would have sure been delayed. So why should I worry? What all happened had happened only for my good.

Chitramala : What you think is the reason for the downfall in your career?

Uday Kiran :  Selection of bad movies. Yes, I say again.

Chitramala :  Learnt any Lessons?

Uday Kiran : (In a thoughtful mood). Yes. I think so. I don't feel shy to admit my mistakes. When I was in successes, I never thought there was a thing like introspection. It never occurred to me to judge myself and my actions. I was fully mesmerized with the On Screen Magic, totally unmindful of the business angle. I came to the industry not to earn money and then change my profession. I want to stay forever. Of course, it is my bad luck. Can't I overcome? (Smiles).

Chitramala : Do you believe in the Fate?

Uday Kiran : I can't reject it. The sluggish phase in my career brought me rich experience. I have no regrets.

Chitramala : You were about to become the megastar's son-in-law. But it was a different thing later. Did you ever feel that you had missed a big fortune?

Uday Kiran : No. There are always certain moments which miss judgment. I have no regrets. I am a God-fearing man. God has designed a life for me. I shall live it.

Chitramala : Tell us about your "Viyyalavari Kayyalu"?

Uday Kiran : It is completely a family-oriented movie. You will see a different Uday Kiran. My audience will sure like it.

Chitramala : Having worked as a highly successful hero, don't you think acting with another hero Srihari will bring down your image?

Uday Kiran : Certainly not. I have my own audiences and Srihari has his own base. To be frank, I love to work with him. Such scripts will sure bring a healthy trend in the industry.

Chitramala : What is your opinion about Love and Marriage?

Uday Kiran : (Laughs) Generally people say -  To settle in life after marriage. I don't understand that. After marriage, it is definitely a good life. A new life. A different life. Coming to Love, my description now would be immature. An intense research is required on the subject. When I complete it, I will sure tell you (Laughs).

Chitramala : What are your future plans?

Uday Kiran : Naturally, to do more and more movies. I don't want to go by trends. I came to industry highly inspired by a megastar and superstar. I want to be like them. I should grow with the audience. And the audience with me. For a very long time to come. Three more moves are under planning (in Telugu) and they would be announced soon.

Chitramala : Any message?

Uday Kiran : I have learnt to love all. Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu!

                             Interview with Udaykiran                         
                                                                                       ( Ekaloveyudu)
       Udaykiran, who was struggling to make a come back after a rough patch, hit it with Gunde Jallumandi. His next film Ekaloveyudu in the direction of KRK is getting ready to release. TotalTollywood caught up with Udaykiran about the film.

What is EkaluvUdu about?
It is a very good point that KRK came up with. More than the point, it is the narration style of the director that I liked the most. When KRK came to me with this concept about 3 years ago. Then we narrated the story to Medikonda Muralikrishna and he jumped on the wagon. This is a full length commercial entertainer. As the director put it, the film is about what one can do for love. We see people dying in the name of love. But the film shows that one has to live to let love live. It applies to anything. Most of the people vent out anger about the country not doing anything for them but they never think about what they did for the country. So we are giving this message not in the name of a message oriented film but a good entertainer.

What is your character?
Normal but responsible man. This is one character I liked very much. I am happy that I did get to do this character. The character is a bit challenging and different. I am sure people would appreciate this character.

Tell us about the audio
Music is a big asset to this film. Anil Krishna gave excellent compositions. When we thought of the film, we wanted to go with a new music director as there will be some freshness attached to it. Response to the audio is also very good.

If you have to talk about one person in this unit, who would that be?
It would be the producer Medikonda Muralikrishna. He is a producer who gave a blockbuster film of the range Narasimha Naidu. It is nice of him to take up a project with a new director. How many are looking at stories these days to produce a film? Murali Krishna garu decided to produce the film because he liked the story and has confidence in it. And then Ramesh Krishna, cinematographer for this film.

Ekaluvvyudu is a mythological character who sacrifices his thumb for the teacher. What is Ekaluvvyudu giving away in this film?
You will have to see it on screen. Even though the point comes from Mahabharat, there are no giving aways.

Tell us about the heroine
Keerti is natural. She delivered to the edge on what director wanted. And in this film, heroine role has a good scope. I am sure she will get a good name after the release.

Is this a love story?
When there is a hero and a heroine, naturally hero has to love the heroine (laughs). There are several types of love stories. For eg: A family story with love story in a light way etc. This film will have depth in love story and at the same is a family story. The balance is done very well by the director.

What is your impression on KRK? This is his first film.
I worked with several debut directors including Teja, VN Aditya etc. Coming to KRK, I see a lot of fire and energy in him. I am sure this film will do lot of good for both me and KRK.

After Manasanta Nuvve, we havent seen such range in your films.
Manasantha Nuvve is the best film of my career so far. It is a great film. Even today I get compliments from people enquiring about when I would do another such film again. The feel of the film still haunts me. If our writers can come up with such good script and the right put in place, I will surely do it and it would see that range.

If you are offered the sequel of Manasantha Nuvve, would you do it?
I will not. In fact, it would be absurd trying to do a sequel to such a good film. Manasantha Nuvve is a good love story. One can try remaking it again but not the sequel.

You are back after a while. How are you feeling about the new innings?
Gunde Jallumandi has filled me up with new positive energy. I am happy to see that audience like my choice of subject. That is a good boost. I am confident that Ekaluvvyudu will also be a good hit.

Is there any character that you love to do?
Yes. Karthik's character in Mounaragam. I really love that.

We wish Udaykiran and the entire unit of Ekaluvvyudu all the best.